SRILT Launching Ceremony
The Launching ceremony of the Silk Road League of Theatre has been held in Beijing Tianqiao performing arts center on Oct.21st. The Minister of Ministry of Culture of China Luo Shugang, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Culture of China Ding Wei, as well as the embassy representatives of France, Belgium, Lithuania, Malta and other countries, the representatives of League theatres and institutions, industry experts and scholars attended the launching ceremony.
In his speech, Minister of Ministry of Culture of China Luo Shugang speaks highly of the Silk Road International League of Theatres. He says that its inauguration is an innovative result of humanities exchanges within the framework of the Belt and Road initiative, a helpful exploration in advancing the mechanism of multilateral cultural industry cooperation, a new model for pragmatic and win-win cooperation in the cultural exchanges between China and other countries. It has been included in the Ministry of Culture’s Action Plan for Cultural Development in the Belt and Road Initiative 2016-2020.
He says that the Ministry of Culture of China would take major projects such as the League as the entry point to promote cultural exchanges and pragmatic cooperation among countries along the Silk Road. He hopes that the League will take “people-to-people bonds” as a historical goal, uphold the principle of jointly building through consultation to meet the interests of all and the principle of equality and mutual benefit, follow the international market rules, respect the history, culture and traditions of all countries and region, so as to advance the culture and arts of countries along the Silk Road and effectively enhance their cultural exchanges and the level of marketization, diversity and intensification of cultural trade.
The principles of “openness, inclusiveness” and “wide consultations, joint contribution and shared benefits” are included in the program of action of the Silk Road International League of Theatres (SRILT), which aims at strengthening information exchange and cooperation, and the swap, sharing and cooperation of high-quality cultural resources. With these efforts, the SRILT has created a world stage for cultural creation and exchanges.
Like a map of culture drawn by the Belt and Road in this new age, the SRILT considers the overall domestic and international situations. With cultural trade and exchange as two wings, the SRILT will be both a new engine propelling the enhancement of our own cultural creativity and a new window displaying China’s cultural image and facilitating Chinese culture to go global.

The SRILT connects the numerous and scattered theatres along the Silk Road and together forms platform of information exchange, co-production and joint display. Firstly, it works to solve problems in joint purchasing and distribution systemic performance products and settle issues concerning bargaining and negotiation, bulk purchase and resource sharing. Secondly, it shares information and talent resources and artistic creation and production experiences, jointly creates performing arts products, and introduces in advanced theatre management experiences, thus creating more dialogue channels for domestic and foreign troupes, theatres and professionals. Thirdly, it means integration of cultural resources, channels and audiences, and even the activate the creativity of the whole society.