Chongqing Guotai Arts Center
Theatre profile

Established in August 2012, Operation and Management Company of Chongqing Guotai Art Center is a branch company of Chongqing Performance Arts Group, responsible for operation and managing of Chongqing Guotai Art Center Theater and its subordinate facilities. Based on profound and diversified art, cultural background and relevant resources of Chongqing Performance Arts Group, along with dignified historical and cultural heritage of Guotai Grand Theater, advocating the doctrine of “facing the cultural market, serving the needs of people” as our starting point, featured with “ small-size, unique feature, refined products, specialized skills”, so as to build communication, incubation and education, namely the 3 platforms for stage play; more than that, we always encourage the continuous development in the aspects of resource integration, innovation awareness and refined products creation in serving our brand strategies, therefore, the corporate positioning of our company is a state-owned cultural company which serves for cultural heritage, development, operation and management.


Chongqing Guotai Art Center has a total construction area of 36000 square meters, consists of Guotai Art Center Theater, Yunhu Concert Hall, Yunwei Theater and Chongqing Art Museum which meet the demands of art performance, picture exhibition, salon, news releasing, entertainment etc. Regarding Guotai Art Center Theater, with its 677 seats activities as opera, dancing drama, ballet, stage play all can be perfectly held; regarding Yunhu Concert Hall, with its 275 seats, is specially designed according to music audio science, audiences can enjoy the music here with consummate music quality without microphone no matter he or she is seated in the first line or the last one; now introducing the 350-seats Yunwei Theater, it is specially designed without obvious separation between the stage and auditorium, so the audience feel closer to the stage and interactivity between the actors and audiences is significantly improved, therefore, now it is the most professional theater in Chongqing. The majority of the plays performed here are local original works, and is an ideal performance platform for creation, production and incubation of various dramas and plays.


Operation and Management Company of Chongqing Guotai Art Center will make full use of its advantages, namely, the excellent geographical location, large-scaled construction, unique appearance and perfect facilities, taking focusing on rich and diversified cultural activities and high quality service and management” as our operational goals, making “ integration of multiplied art manifestation and market-oriented operation” as our operational direction, to build the first class art highland with all our efforts in Chongqing.