Shandong Grand Theatre
Theatre profile

Shandong Culture & Arts Center is located in the core area of the west new city in Jinan, Shandong Province, 1.3km away from Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Jinan West Railway station. It is covering an area of 79 acres and the overall construction area is 625000 m2. The total investment is 5.65 billion Yuan. The Culture & Arts Center consists of a grand Theatre, library, gallery, public art museum, book mall, cinema, Theatre groups and other cultural enterprise and industry supporting projects.
The Grand Theatre of Shandong Capital City is a provincial and municipal government priority project which is designed on the basis of world-class standard. It is a landmark of west development area of Jinan. It is also the venue that holding the 10th China Arts festival, 2013 in Jinan. It is thought that The Grand Theatre of Shandong Capital City makes Jinan to have the prerequisites to hold the top international and domestic arts events and different large–scale cultural activities, as well as greatly satisfying the citizens’ ever-growing cultural needs in Jinan.
The Grand Theatre of Shandong Capital City consists of an opera hall, a musical hall and a multifunctional hall, and covers an area of 20 acres, with construction area 75000 m 2 . The three different halls which are separately situated under different shells make the entire building a fancy appearance. The opera hall has 1,685 seats and is mainly used for large-scale opera, musical, dance drama (including ballet) performance. The 1,512-seat music hall is mainly for classical and contemporary music performance. It can meet the needs of symphony and choir performance. The capacity of multifunctional hall is 476 seats. It is designed for performance, such as small-scale drama, singing and dancing show, magic show, traditional opera, and fashion show and also suitable for conferences.
The construction and operation of The Grand Theatre of Shandong Capital City emphasize the cultural characteristics of QiLu and match the overall development planning of Jinan City. It is considered that The Grand Theatre of Shandong Capital City shall focus on becoming a cultural landmark with strong Shandong cultural character to present the image of provincial city Jinan.